10 Benefits Of Decluttering Your Home

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In the midst of raising kids, running a household and managing work, sometimes it’s hard to find time for yourself. I know the feeling because I’ve been there too! Therefore, here I will show some great ways how to get organized when you are overwhelmed and the benefits of decluttering your home.

If you feel like your home is a total mess, that doesn’t mean it has to stay this way! There are several ways out there to organize your home without breaking the bank on expensive organizational tools.

In fact, some of the best tips don’t even require any spending at all!

It can be easy and quick to clean up your home or office area with these different organizing tricks.

It’s essential to do this every day, so try to put on your list that you will take five minutes to go through everything in your house and get rid of anything you no longer need.

This doesn’t mean just blindly throw things away but if you really haven’t used something in six months or more, then it’s better just to get rid of it (unless you have some sentimental attachment).

Doing this can take some time, depending on how much stuff is in your home. If everything overwhelms you, then try tackling one room at a time so that it’s easier to handle rather than trying to do everything all at once.

Ideally, each area should take no more than 15 minutes unless it’s large-scale decluttering that requires more time (for example, if you have a bunch of junk piled up on the garage floor).

It’s important to make sure that clutter doesn’t build up in the first place.

That means making a habit out of organizing your home every day. It’s best if you do this when you first wake up in the morning while it’s still fresh on your mind.

Where to start when decluttering

1 – Start with bedroom clutter

Anytime that you’re trying to organize your home, whether it’s for a special event or not, start with getting the bedroom space taken care of.

This is where all of us store our things and even have a place to relax. So, make sure everything has its place and isn’t just tossed into closets!

If you don’t take some time to go through your room and clean out any unnecessary clutter, then things could definitely pile up fast!

2 – Take care of kitchen & bathroom areas next

benefits of decluttering your home

There are often two main areas of the home that need organizing: the kitchen and bathroom. Both places can be very cluttered with items that you don’t use anymore but keep storing away!

Take care of things by discarding anything you don’t have use for anymore, such as old food or expired medications.

If measuring cups and spoons aren’t precisely your cooking tools of choice, then consider getting rid of them!

3 – Clean up the clutter in the living & family rooms next

Now it’s time to take on some bigger spaces like the living room or family room. These areas are often filled with all sorts of clutter, so make sure you go through everything once a week to stay on top of how to keep things tidy!

If you have kids and pets, this probably isn’t the ideal time to do an extensive cleaning as they may get into things or mess up your efforts.

4 – Tame paper clutter with files & folders

You need to tame the paper clutter in your home, too. This can be done by setting up file cabinets to put away all paperwork once it’s no longer needed.

This will not only keep things clean but also help to save space. On top of that, place bill payments and other important papers in their own folders and label them accordingly. Everything will always be where it needs to be when you need it!

This could even work well for receipts from shopping- just scan them into the computer to keep track of what you’re spending your money on and then toss them or shred them when they’re no longer needed.

5 – Think outside the box with storage solutions for other areas

Keep it clean by finding some good storage solutions! There are many different ones, but try not to use too many small containers, as this will only add clutter to your already messy area.

Try using larger boxes that can contain multiple things at once and save on space.

This way, if you happen to have a lot of extra stuff lying around, everything is just one place. Better than having it inside several boxes in a bunch of different places.

6- Keep decluttering going with regular upkeep

The key to keeping an organized home is to keep on top of things. This means that you should regularly clean out your closets, drawers, and other storage areas to avoid getting cluttered.

If you really want to start from scratch, just throw away everything without thinking twice about it.

However, if you have some sentimental attachment, think about getting a few boxes ready if you need to move something later!

7- Make sure to do things in moderation

If you’re trying to organize your home for the first time, make sure you don’t go overboard. When deciding how much stuff needs to be thrown out or organized, just look at each area individually.

For example, only focus on doing closets one day while doing drawers another and so forth. By doing things in moderation, you’ll be able to work smarter instead of harder!

8- Relax & enjoy your clean, organized space!

Once you’ve finished organizing your space, then take a moment to sit back and look at your work! Even if the results aren’t picture-perfect, just having everything in place will help make any room look nicer than before.

When your kids are running around playing games, they can do so without getting into any trouble because there are no big messes for them to get into!

Also, when it comes time for guests to drop by, you no need to worry about a messy house!

Finally, try not to go overboard on organizing items; sometimes, less is more.

After all, when everything is in its place, then it’s hard to relax and enjoy the benefits of a nice organized home.

9 – Don’t forget about useful storage solutions

Organizing your home doesn’t have to be expensive- there are plenty of free or cheap ways. You can be more creative in how you store things around the house!

If your closets are full, but you still want to keep them looking nice, consider getting some totes with casters that can easily roll under the bed.

Or if you’re tired of having no real space for personal items and haven’t bought any new storage solutions yet, then look into getting a few plastic bins (HINT: they make great laundry baskets!)

No matter what type of organizing containers you get, just remembers that it will last a long time if you take good care of them.

10 – Try to be practical in your organizing plans

When it comes to how much organizing you should do in each room of your home, don’t make things too complicated or too difficult.

For example, when going through a drawer, decide if something is useful or not and then get rid of the rest.

If there are multiple items, but they’re all part of a package deal (such as school supplies), then keep them together.

Otherwise, throw everything else away!

This way, when spring cleaning next year rolls around, and you have lots of extra time.

Then, you can spend an afternoon completing another round of organization without worrying about what to do with the extra stuff you already have.

11- Don’t forget about using stealth hiding spots!

If you’re looking to organize your home with a strict budget, don’t worry; there are still many ways you can do it for free or without spending much at all.

Try getting some baskets or bins for use in the closet, kitchen cupboards, and any other available storage areas.

Then when Easter rolls around and those plastic eggs from last year start piling up on their own, just hide them away inside one of these containers (and make sure to do this every year during spring cleaning)!

12 – Consider getting rid of electronics

When organizing your home, sometimes things get complicated when talking about technology.

This is because you want to ensure that everything is working correctly and that nothing will be obsolete soon.

However, if you’re trying to expand your budget, don’t worry about such things!

If you have multiple electronics and only need one of them, especially when it comes to small devices such as a multi-function printer/scanner or an iPad, then consider getting rid of them altogether (you can always just transfer any sound files over!).

Get rid not means by throwing your electronics device, but to sell as preloved items. At least, you can make money from it! This is one of the benefits of decluttering.

Not only will this help save space, but it’ll also reduce clutter whenever these items aren’t being used!

13 – Have fun with cleaning games!

If all else fails, then how about using some spring cleaning games? No matter what age group you belong in, there are plenty of ideas out there to try!

Have a scavenger hunt for your kids to complete. This is fun with different household tasks such as cooking or cleaning, or playing video games. This way, you won’t feel so bad about making the “work” portion of spring cleaning last a little longer.

Whatever it is, just remember that spring cleaning time will pass by quickly and be more enjoyable than usual if you’re having fun.

14 – Don’t forget to set some mood lighting!

When it comes down to it, organizing your home can get a bit boring after a while. After all, there’s so much you need to do when decluttering the living room before it starts feeling like more work than benefits. However, this doesn’t have to be the case!

Try playing some music to keep you entertained as you work, and make sure to have a few extra lamps or candles set around your home for that “soft” touch.

This way, even if the outside becomes darker when spring cleaning time rolls around, then the inside of your house will still be bright enough to see everything clearly.

15 – Create a separate clean zone in each room

There’s one thing you should remember when organizing your home, it’s that things don’t always need to be done right away.

For example, if all of the areas are cluttered but nothing too serious (such as piles of clothing on the floor). You can just clean them up later or wait until another day.

Benefits of decluttering your home

Clutter can cause stress, and chronic stress is known to have many negative benefits on health.

So, what are the benefits of decluttering your home are:

1. You will be more relaxed

Clutter creates a mess in your life, and it’s difficult to focus when everything is cluttered.

A decluttered home will create space for you to relax and breathe easier.

2. You’ll save time trying to find things!

Organization requires time, and with less clutter, you’ll have an easier time finding what you’re looking for; this means you don’t need to spend so much time cleaning up the big messes!

3. It feels good!

It feels great when there’s a clean home because it brings calmness to your life.

4. It allows you to focus on your goals and dreams!

Clutter distracts you from attaining important things in life, such as family, friends, and personal growth.

5. You’ll have more money!

Decluttering some unused items not only save the spaces. But can get you some money by listing the unused items to the marketplace. Better than leaving unused for many years or throwing away!

6. Less stress!

Just being able to relax when you come home will reduce plenty of stress; that means there’s less chance of becoming sick or suffering from mental issues!

7. A cleaner home is safer for children!

Don’t want your kids playing with all the ropes and wires that are lying around? Declutter and get rid of them!

8. You’ll have more energy!

It’s already hard to have a full-time job, but when you come home, there are still piles of clutter waiting for you; your body will never have to work so hard to manage stress if you learn how to declutter your home!

9. Your home will smell better!

When it comes down to it, clutter is just plain old nasty because it attracts dust, mould, and mildew and creates strong odours.

Isn’t spring cleaning time your favourite part of the year because everything smells good again?

Set aside some time to declutter so that you can keep those new scents around for a long time!

10. More peace!

Don’t worry about clutter anymore because it won’t be there to distract you from the things that are important in your life; remember those benefits mentioned above?

Your home will become an oasis of calmness, and you’ll feel at peace when you’re there.

Conclusion on the benefits of decluttering your home

Your home is your personal space, and decluttering might be necessary to make it a more comfortable place.

Our homes are gathering places for memories and meaning, and it’s important to keep them arranged nicely; but when the time comes, you can do it however you’d like.

There are many benefits of decluttering your home. The benefits of decluttering your home such as feeling relaxed, saving time, and having an easier time finding what you’re looking for.

It’s up to you whether or not you decide to declutter, but if you decide to go through with this project, then take some time and enjoy the benefits of decluttering your home!

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