Combat Fighter System Review – Is It An Effective Self Defense Techniques?

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Are you looking to master strategies for combat and tactics to help safeguard your family and yourself? Are you juggling a hectic schedule that leaves no time to practice? Have you seen this incredible product called Combat Fighter System? Is it scammed or legitimate?

These are only a few of the numerous answers you’ll find in this review of the combat fighter system. It is an emergency kit to aid you in protecting yourself, your family members, and those you love. It is packed with the most effective techniques, skills, and strategies to limit the damage you may cause.

Additionally, it’s a survival guide that John Black, a combat instructor, created. It will instruct you on the basics of defense through simple steps to follow (will require some repetition to learn), all from the comfort at home.

If you’re eager to know more about it, check out my complete combat fighter system review to discover more about this incredible product.

What Is a Combat Fighter System?

It’s a thorough guide written by John Black, which aims to assist those with a hectic schedule in protecting their loved ones and themselves better. The training can be completed in your own home, at a convenient time for you.

The program equips its users with the same skills as martial artists who are experts. It is not just the techniques are learned that will enable you to stay safe but also to win every fight you’re involved in. The content is laid out in a straightforward and easy-to-follow manner.

It will also help you understand the essential details to stay in the top physical state. The program is divided into several components, making it easy for users to learn critical fighting skills step by step.

It’s not explicitly designed for shooters or fighters who have experience but is for anyone who wants to know how to safeguard themselves and their loved ones. When you are constantly learning new methods, you’ll also observe a change in your body’s form.

The materials are all in digital format. Once you have purchased the lesson, you’ll be able to download them. It is easy to download them or search on the internet. Through the entire course could be the turning stage for your future. With the knowledge of combat, you’ll feel confident and secure.

What are the methods described in the Combat Fighter Guide?

Combat fighters have step-by-steps techniques that allow you to win every time. These include centerline strike Blitz blast, centerline strike and surgical strike methods and force hijack, the one-and-done principle, tipping point principle, third eye’s awareness of the situation, and many others.

This program will transform your life entirely by providing self-confidence in living life with no need to look over your shoulders and wondering what you should do if someone is threatening those you love

  • Centerline strike is the same as knee-jerk, which will hit your opponent instantly and allow you to speedily back away. If you don’t adhere to the laid-out steps, this could lead to death.
  • Blitz Blast is the devastating flurry that can cause your opponent to be overwhelmed within a matter of minutes.
  • You incorporate the force hijacking technique into your body’s reflexes to disperse and harness the force of an attack against him.
  • Surgical Strike, also known as Underhand Ocular Control, aids in instantly flogging the attacker by causing significant neurological damage. This technique is effective against a more robust opponent.
  • One and done. This allows you to beat your opponent and cannot be avoided since it eliminates all complicated techniques taught by your instructor of the fight. It helps you recognize your adversaries as vulnerable targets and then react in a fierce and unstoppable assurance.
  • The tipping point principle allows you to know when to shift your focus from defensive to offensive.
  • Third eye situational awareness techniques make you the equivalent of a Jedi by spotting all the subtle signals and enhancing your ability to see opportunities that your adversary misses.

Combat Fighter System Review – How It Works?

Reviews in the area highly appreciate this simple application. The combat fighter program is based on basic techniques and skills. With it, you’ll have the strategies and skills to stay safe throughout the day.

Combat fighter is unique, with scientifically-based information that you can learn at the convenience of home with no internet connection. You may be on a schedule that does not permit you to go to a gym or take classes, and that is why this combat fighter guide will come in handy.

John Black, the author, instructs you on easy but effective techniques and Strike methods that you need to follow to master. Be aware that you can knock down someone with just one Strike. They won’t be able to tell which punch they did to them. It doesn’t matter how fast you learn or not at all. I can assure you that you’ll discover highly efficient techniques.

The guide to combat fighters shows how you can move as the fundamental Line Strike, Blitz Blast, Surgical Strike approaches, or how to thwart the hijacker, The One and Finished principle, the Tipping Factor principle, the 3rd Eye techniques for situational awareness, and many more.

The guide to combat fighters serves as a fantastic opportunity to transform your life through acquiring the knowledge and self-confidence you need to get through your day without worrying about whether you’re secure. The method works because the contents are well-trained and researched. In the most excellent risky areas on the planet, you’ll be in a position to make things work in your favor.

How much is the Combat Fighter Program?

It is crucial to know how much the combat system will cost you. When it comes to reviews relevant, this is an area that is essential for anyone to read through.

The course is highly affordable and reasonable compared to the value you get. You will be taught the strategies of fighting, methods, and techniques you must master to protect your family and home.

Absolutely nothing is comparable to the quality of research and the transparency of the safety techniques. It’s not just that. The program also comes with the option of a money-back guarantee, which allows you to try the program for up to 60 days. If you are not satisfied with it, you’ll receive your money back if you’re not happy with the features it offers.

You’ll receive three bonus guides free when you purchase this combat system. The following are the three bonus guides you’ll receive once you buy this guide:

combat fighter review
  1. Advanced Situational Awareness manual, which will assist you to recognize, avoid or defuse any violence that could be threatening.
  2. Alpha Survival Techniques manual
  3. The Alpha Nation, an online community for coaching.

What will you learn From Combat Fighter System?

You’ll learn various tactics, techniques, and strategies to beat adversaries. Every system is tactical.

combat fighter review

Each step is practical and tactical for resolving violence.

It offers a simple method to stop an attacker armed with a sharp weapon and protects yourself from injuries.

Learn three straightforward strategies to win the fight fast.

You’ll learn to get rid of an adversary of any size and make sure that you get rid of high-pain areas, like the tooth.

Great for Beginners, Better For The Advanced

It is the beginning of learning the basics of self-control, discipline, and discipline without being clumsy or ignorant about it. When you master it, you realize that you can accomplish many things with minimal effort.

The constant flow of energy when you’re fighting is addictive. But, it can take a toll on your body and reaction capacity.

A key element of improving your martial arts is maximizing impact while consuming the least cost. You don’t have to be flush with adrenaline every minute of the day, and you can still knock someone down with just one punch.

Real-Life Experience

As you can see, I’m using the term “advanced” loosely. I’m not as skilled as John is, but that’s not a problem. I’ve been training in karate for many years; however, when I stepped into my first match on the tatami, I was confronted with a completely different reality.

A few days ago, I was slapped by a gang of criminals on street corners in Cleveland (of all locations). They demanded my wallet and phone. However, I declined, and they pulled out knives.

Don’t get me wrong. I managed to get through the incident. I’m sure I broke two noses, but I could escape with ease.

When I arrived at my hotel room, I was shaken, angry, and felt like I wanted to murder somebody. I didn’t get a good night’s sleep as I thought of everything I could prefer to have done differently.

The Hurt

The next day I vomited, and I felt a hangover for a time. I thought I had been injured or something else, but in reality, my case. I was okay, and I was all over the place and didn’t know the reason.

After a couple of days, I returned to school and told a few friends what had been involved in the incident. I was fortunate. According to my friends, they said I was in fight or flight mode. The body starts to get agitated and is ready to fight or get out.

But, when this happens, many people cannot control themselves and commit dumb things. My friends told me that most of the stress from the fight and my thoughts endlessly about that resulted from the brain’s attempt to help me survive.

I was able to fight. I knew how to fight, but I wasn’t sure how to handle the circumstances. Our minds react differently in response to different situations, and I was unaware of these differences.

Handling Yourself

My friend who was aware of the incident referred me to this software. The first review from Combat Fighter came actually from an acquaintance, and he believed that the material could assist me in acquiring combat abilities and strategies. Therefore I decided to take to the website and try it out.

I wasn’t amazed at first. However, I realized that John had a different perspective on combat as I looked at him closely.

I thought that his strategy used all force and headless fights since it is a military unit. It appears that the man has been studying martial arts since the time he was born.

The program’s primary goal is to increase your control over the situation should it come to blows. You’ll be in control and be the one to do the most damage without getting riled up.

Control comes from knowledge

The result is that it is possible to break jaws without going into flight or fight mode. This man, Jack, doesn’t offer it so quickly.

He devised a system that lets you have complete control over the situation. You will not only be able to manage an area and deal with those who have weapons, but you know how to stay out of the way and not fall into fight or flight to ensure you don’t lose control.

Why is this so important? It’s because it’s something that most combatants do not know how to accomplish. If you’re not fighting a master or master assassin, you’re dealing with more complicated issues. If, at present, you’re in a position to fight the usual criminal. Take their victim’s card out of their faces. This is the program you need to use.

About The Creator – John Black

In July 1994, a teenager of 17 years old, John, was confronted with a potentially fatal situation. He was on the verge of becoming incapacitated by the ex-girlfriend of his former girlfriend at the end of the night.

Feeble and lacking self-defense abilities, he only avoided being trampled by the opponent. The incident ignited a passion within him to learn the habit of standing up and fighting against the odds in challenging circumstances.

He started training in various programs for physical fitness; however, something in the techniques he had learned was missing. What he discovered later was surprising.

The abilities he had acquired through his rigorous instruction on all platforms were ineffective in actual situations, and they failed to protect him from real physical violence.

He discovered that few automatic and straightforward strategies effectively defend against enemies and potential threats. This is why he combined them into an easy program and created his Combat Fighter.


  • This course will demonstrate the established skills from the beginning to be aware of the benefits of the system of fighting.
  • It’s easy to incorporate into your routine and then use it in an emergency to safeguard yourself or other people to ensure they are safe.
  • Here you can learn some intuitive and straightforward strategies that will get the desired results.
  • It comes with an unbeatable warranty for life, meaning you can test the equipment to make sure the system is working with confidence.
  • The program comes with the option of a money-back guarantee to ensure customers’ satisfaction.
  • The combat Fighter system consists of intuitive and straightforward strategies that will guarantee victory every time you encounter violence.
  • This system provides you with absolute confidence, peace of mind, security, and security for your family and you as well.
  • It will make you a competent combater by teaching you step-by-step strategies over a weekend.
  • The system assists you in eliminating the pre-fight nerves and stops your legs from shaking when you face your adversary in a fight.
  • You can eliminate the shame when you do not safeguard your loved ones from terror.
  • It allows you to take the ability to control every aspect of your existence with the confidence strength that you’ve never experienced before.
  • There is no reason to be afraid of violence ever again in your life. Fight against it with a sense of hope.
  • The creator has made available this program at a low price, with a special offer, and is easy to use.
  • If you are unsatisfied, then you can claim a 100% reimbursement under the money-back guarantee included in this purchase.


  • It is impossible to access the program without internet connectivity as it’s available only online.
  • Make sure you follow the instructions carefully, or you could end up losing the life of someone you love or the loved ones you cherish.
  • Combat Fighter is a downloadable program. The Combat Fighter system is only available on the program’s official website, and it is not available in stores or hardcopy.
  • It takes a minimum of effort to learn and learn every step.

Do You Lack Confidence In Your Ability To Protect Yourself And Your Loved Ones?

Suppose you think you’re not able to handle difficult situations in the area of protection. In that case, this system is definitely for you.

The lack of experience won’t be a barrier in learning effective techniques for fighting. This is good to learn to guarantee you and your family safe.

Do You Want To Learn More About Fighting?

You might already have a basic understanding of fighting strategies. Still, you would like to increase your knowledge and master new techniques. If this is the case, it is recommended to purchase the instructional book from Black to acquire new, efficient processes effortlessly.

Do You Enjoy Learning?

If you enjoy discovering new things, why not put your time and money into something that can bring you back to life, boost your physique and make your family members feel secure around you?

That’s what Combat Fighter System can do. Combat Fighter System can help you do.

Can You Follow Basic Instructions?

One of the most appealing strategies of the combat techniques explained by Black is that they are simple to master, and it is all you need to do is study the guide and then practice the new methods.

When you continue working on your combat abilities every day, you will notice the improvement, which will inspire you to continue.

Where Can You Purchase Combat Fighter System?

You can get Combat Fighter System from this site.

Final Verdict

I am convinced that it is an excellent product for anyone who would like to feel secure in a potentially hazardous situation for their family and friends. Since it does not require prior knowledge, it is appropriate for everyone.

Also, it is a useful resource for those who wish to enhance their physical fitness and gain new skills.

The price is beautiful and also comes with three fantastic bonus features. In addition, there’s a 60-day guarantee of a full refund provided for the product. Overall it’s one of the most effective programs to help you learn self-defense.

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