Thrivecart Review 2021 – Is it Worth Your Money?

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ThriveCart is a hosted shopping cart application developed to make selling goods and services online as simple as possible. With its bump deals and optimized partner network, it’s ideal for online business owners. Since this is a thorough ThriveCart review, I’ll cover every part of the software.

I’ll show you how it stacks up against other standard options so you can make a wise decision about whether or not it’s right for you.

The Thrivecart WordPress is much better and easy to set up. You just easily thrive cart login within seconds.

What is ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a shopping cart app that lets you design attractive, high-converting cart and checkout pages for your items and services. This software developed by Josh Barlett back in 2016. Today ThriveCart is among the most popular tools that provide a bug-free shopping cart experience. 

In the world of shopping carts, ThriveCart is a bit of an outlier. Even with a one-time payment, they have one of the cleanest and bug-free shopping cart experiences available, as well as daily new feature updates.

In a nutshell, ThriveCart is a software program that allows you to advertise and accept purchases from customers for physical goods, digital products, subscriptions, and services. But it has a lot more to do than just accepting payments.


How much does ThriveCart cost?

What is the ThriveCart price? ThriveCart provides the best shopping cart platform, and it costs $495 for a one-time payment. All you have to do is pay once for lifetime access to all exclusive benefits and community. Unlike its competitors, you do not have to pay an annual $99+ monthly fee.

In brief, ThriveCart is a shopping cart app with unlimited checkout pages, unlimited bump deals, and unlimited upsells for a one-time fee of $495.00. You only need to pay once to get access to all the features lifetime. Unlike its competitors, you do not have to pay an annual $99+ monthly fee.

The basic package called Standard costs $495.00, while the most costly plan, PRO, costs $690.00. The number of features included in each plan is the most significant distinction between them.

It’s also worth remembering that ThriveCart already offers a lifetime license, but this could change shortly.


How Do you Use ThriveCart?

ThriveCart is a suitable tool for you if you sell digital products. The platform is developed primarily for selling online classes, ebooks, animations, and other interactive items. It provides comprehensive email marketing integrations to simplify product distribution.

With ThriveCart, you can potentially connect these users to your email autoresponder series, which means they’ll get an email from you about 15 minutes after abandoning their cart.

You can also create “rules” for your affiliates. For example, if one of your affiliates is receiving many refunds, you can change their commission percentage. And it all happens automatically, helping you to handle your affiliates with less effort!

You may send visitors to another website or send them an email with information on when the deal will be open again.


Does ThriveCart work with WooCommerce?

Going from “clicks” to “sales” is one thing, but getting from “clicks” to “sales” is quite another. We’ll show you two excellent eCommerce sites in our ThriveCart vs WooCommerce comparison, both of which will help you increase conversion rates.

ThriveCart and WooCommerce are somewhat different in certain aspects, but they have some great functionality to share. We’ll go over each one in-depth, reviewing their characteristics, advantages and drawbacks, assistance, and pricing.

WooCommerce is a WordPress-based eCommerce website. Users can use their customizable models to build eCommerce shops, or they can start from scratch.

It provides customers with a variety of payment solutions and a collection of targeting tools to boost transaction rates.

ThriveCart Customer Support

Several features render ThriveCart the best checkout platform, also the Customer Hub functionality.

The Customer Hub from ThriveCart will help you save time and money. They prepare so much knowledge in there that you can read and apply in your business. Thus, you should take advantage of this built-in feature and start using it to get more clients.


What are the Major ThriveCart Alternatives?

Thankfully, ThriveCart is working on a physical merchandise upgrade to give consumers more options when selling physical items.

The bottom line is that, despite being a newcomer, ThriveCart already has a long list of features to stay in line among the best shopping cart tech tools.

Other aspects of an online company will always take priority over shopping cart software for online entrepreneurs. Increase conversions, increase sales and optimize revenues by using the right cart tools.

ThriveCart is a great option, but selling your products and services online, SamCart, PayKickstart, and WooCommerce are excellent ThriveCart alternatives.

They have some common feature but still, have specific differences. Examine their features in-depth to ensure that they are appropriate for your online company.

ThriveCart Integrations

The ThriveCart interface is simple and convenient to use for beginners. The method does not require any scripting or technological skills to use.

Any primary payment gateway is integrated into the network. Subscriptions, trials, and contracts are only a few of the payment options available with ThriveCart.

ThriveCart is a hosted shopping cart designed by and for advertisers. With order bumps and upsells, it is designed for conversions to maximize the overall revenue.

Through this integration, you can market courses using this high-converting shopping cart.

ThriveCart is working on something big, and they’ve announced that they’ll be adding a slew of new cart templates and choices.

Features of ThriveCart

Upselling and Boasting Sales

When customers reach the checkout page, upselling means persuading or guiding them to buy an extra or more costly commodity. This is a tried-and-true method of raising revenue and increasing the customer’s lifetime value.

If you don’t upsell your buyers right after they make a buy in the cart, you’re losing out on many sales. The tool from ThriveCart could be just what you need to increase your sales and income.

According to current figures, the chances of selling a product to a potential prospect are just 5-20%, while the chances of selling to an established buyer are 60-70%!

How to Use ThriveCart: A Guide to Boosting Your Revenue

High-Converting Cart Templates

ThriveCart provides a range of high-converting cart models that you can use to maximize conversions.

You may customize them to suit the products and services. It’s fundamental and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Mobile-responsive cart and check out websites, formats, and templates designed to emotionally engage with customers.

ThriveCart Templates: 10 Beautiful & High Converting Designs

Payment Options and Coupons

This is an area in which ThriveCart shines. If you’re offering a digital product for a one-time charge or a subscription for a monthly fee, ThriveCart will help.

Another area where ThriveCart excels is couponing. You should only give out a certain number of coupon codes for a specific expiration date. Therefore, don’t show a coupon field, but make the coupon only accessible via a URL. You can give your audience a discount this way, but they won’t share their coupon code with others.

ThriveCart offers these coupon options

Offering more items to buy at the time of selling is a simple way to raise the lifetime value of buyers. Try purchasing gum at the grocery checkout line. At the time of buying, ThriveCart helps you to upsell, downsell, and make bump deals.

ThriveCart supports multiple payments, trial offers, and subscriptions, as well. It provides you with almost every possible choice for checking your product and growing your customers’ lifetime value.

The new visual drag-and-drop editor in ThriveCart makes building your shopping cart easy. You can now swap pre-made ThriveCart templates with others as well. As a result, you will add what others have studied and tested on your cart.

How to Use ThriveCart: A Guide to Boosting Your Revenue

Built-in Affiliate Program

Many retailers, in my view, should use an associate scheme to promote their brands. You only pay an associate when a visitor converts, so it’s a convenient way to sell the products.

Most retailers and associates should be satisfied with ThriveCart’s affiliate program. Consequently, there’s no need to buy a third-party affiliate program if you use this app.

This feature alone will save you a lot of money in extra tools, not to mention the time and effort of integrating them.

You’ll also be able to receive an exclusive bonus, which is a feature not included in all the most exemplary affiliate programs. It’s a little-known affiliate marketing strategy that can help you boost conversions significantly.

When it comes to pricing, ThriveCart is a little different. A subscription fee is charged for the bulk of shopping cart providers. SamCart, for example, starts at $49 a month.

Some companies also charge per purchase, meaning the more transactions you make, the more you cost!

How To Use The ThriveCart Affiliate Center to Customize Commissions

Pricing and Offers of ThriveCart

ThriveCart has only two pricing rates, all of which span the service’s lifespan. You do have to pay once. Although ThriveCart believes that its current pricing will expire soon, I’m not persuaded.

This promotion has been available for more than three years at the company.

In this case, the word “bump” means “run into.” Consider what it’s like to run into an old friend you haven’t seen in years. The partnership has been ignited for the most part.

ThriveCart’s staff uses a 1-click bump promotion to boost revenue by delivering a $99 One-Time Discount instead of $197 per year. Who will say no to that?

Thrivecart Plan

  • Standard — $495
  • Pro — $690
ThriveCart vs SamCart: Why Is Everyone Switching Away?

Custom Domain Name

The ability to build custom domain names is a must-have feature and the primary reason to upgrade to the “Pro” version.

You can get your domain name from Namecheap or Godaddy.

In today’s world, where third-party cookies aren’t allowed, you’ll need a way to track traffic and conversions to your shopping cart.

As a consequence, instead of “baayahidris.thrivecart.com,” the cart will be renamed order baayahidris.com. This will make your website look more professional. Plus, it can also monitor the analytics if you use a subdomain of your primary domain name. I highly urge you to purchase the “Pro” version.

Finally, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee if you want to test drive ThriveCart’s service. ThriveCart has Zapier functionality and a well-documented API, which I used to incorporate Woopra analytics integration.

Using a custom domain for your account – ThriveCart Helpdesk

Payment Gateways

Linking up with Stripe and PayPal would be the best choice for most merchants. Although Authorize.net is commonly used, it does not encourage you to accept Apple or GooglePay from your mobile visitors.

You ought to make commerce as frictionless as possible, in my opinion.

Allowing for quick payment on mobile would raise conversions. I wish there were more portal solutions because these are pretty much the norm of online commerce.

Things to Consider for ThriveCart

Checkout Page Templates

The design of your page will have a significant effect on your conversion rates. You should design attractive shopping carts that are simple to use. Simple here means it is easy for your customers to check out and most likely complete the transaction.

You can configure one of ThriveCart’s pre-built templates to suit your product.

There is no limit on how many carts you can make. You may also make various kinds of carts, such as two-step carts and modal carts.

Your carts would also work perfectly on phones, which is a major bonus. ThriveCart also combines with Google Pay and Apple Pay, making it much easier for the clients.

It combines PayPal and Stripe, which is awesome, and it’s dependable even at busy times. If you run a subscription-based company, ThriveCart also facilitates subscription payments, which is great news.

The USD, GBP, and EUR are among the seventeen currencies officially funded. You may also define price schedules, payment periods, and the number of items that can be bought.

ThriveCart Review & Pricing 2021

Marketing Tools

There are a few ThriveCart tips and tricks that you can use. For example, have bump deals. You can show the buyer a promotional deal when they check out, and it makes it easy for them to add another item to their cart.

First, the word “upsell” simply refers to persuading or nudging customers to purchase a more expensive product or a different product entirely.

In certain ways, the upsell product can complement the main offer. The 1-click upsell feature allows you to apply a “upsell offer” to your product pages with a single click.

Sales Tax Calculations

Calculating income taxes is another factor that ThriveCart makes simpler. Digital Sales Tax/VAT is a minefield to navigate, mainly if you sell goods in multiple countries.

It can easily get complicated, but ThriveCart can handle it. ThriveCart will keep off all VAT collections so you can generate reports as needed. The disadvantage is that it is only available to Pro subscribers.

ThriveCart Review (2021) ᐈ 100% Tested & Reviewed

Automation and Intelligent Behavior

With ThriveCart, you can build sales funnels that are as basic or as complicated as you want. You should build a funnel that can increase sales rates and keep your clients happy by selling physical products or a wireless streaming service.

You may also take advantage of their intelligent behaviour software, such as remotely checking up on discarded carts or pursuing past-due subscription payments.

Final Words

Yet, in the end, ThriveCart is well worth the cost. It comes with a toolkit designed to help you maximize conversions and sales, meaning that this package will quickly pay for itself with a measurable ROI (return on investment).

Running a single advertisement with only one bump or upsell might be enough to offset the expense of the software for the rest of your life.

In reality, the one campaign will undoubtedly pay for it several times over, which is why I recommend business owners to use ThriveCart.

However, suppose you are selling crafts or digital products. In that case, you can avoid the hassle of setup the shopping cart by selling on Etsy. In Etsy, all the shopping cart and payment has been taking care by the platform.

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