18 Easy Things To Make And Sell Online

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Are you good at art and craft? However, you didn’t know what kind of things to make and sell to make money.

No worries, I have been there!

At first, I’m thinking if I can use my talent in art and craft to make things to sell to make money. And I do some research, start taking action, and yes, it work!

Therefore, in this article, I will share how to start selling your handcrafted products.

With a bit of preparation, you can transform your artistic talents into a full-fledged home company.

It’s a fantastic way to earn some additional money and win awards for your stunning works at the same time, though.

Things to Make and Sell Online

With the rise in e-commerce, you can easily sell anything to the market, not only to the local market but also internationally.

There are 18 things to make and sell for money on the market. Many of these businesses can be launched from home and need a little capital.

#1. Course

I love creating courses as this kind of product can make a recurring income with zero investment. Covid-19 pandemic makes people stay at home. As a result, most people start switching to e-learning to develop their skills and expertise from home.

As someone who talented in art and craft, what course you can create?

Use your knowledge and talent to teach people how to make the products you are good at.

You may good at knitting, sewing, or know how to make a bath bomb and soap. Definitely, someone who wants to learn how to make them will buy the course.

If you already make money by selling the beauty soap, you can share your journey to make and sell the soap.

To start selling your course, build a website. If you do not know how to build a website with WordPress, you can use a website builder. With a drag and drop function, it is suitable for a beginner.

Then, prepare a sales page and integrate it to a payment gateway such as Stripe or Paypal.

When your website is ready, start driving traffic to the website.

To skip the hassle of building a website and payment integration, you can put your course on e-learning platforms like Udemy, Teachable or Skillshare.

things to make and sell

Those platforms already have a lot of audiences every month who ready to learn something. Thus, you can skip the worry of not getting traffic to your website.

However, if you want to build your own store, establish trust with your customer by developing personal branding. When people know you, it is much easy to sell.

A reputable personal brand will undoubtedly be built with a little longer than the concept, but it is definitely possible.

Once again, it wasn’t an overnight success but take months of constant construction. The most stable source of income is always slow to build.

#2. Pet Products & Accessories

According to Fior Market, the global pet industry is expected to reach $358.62 billion by 2027. That’s right, you heard that correctly.

The industry reflects that people worldwide are looking for fresh and exciting ways to handle their canine companions and fluffy creatures.

Puppy food, catnip toys, pet tags and even pet collars are things to make and sell for money.

cat accessories

With many pet owners opting for fresh, organic, and nutritious pet treats, you’d be wise to tap into this demand.

If you want to sell pets cookie, do your homework and triple-check the recipes to ensure the ingredient is safe for the pets.

For pet toys, always cautious with the small part that can cause choking.

#3. Cupcake & Cake Decorating

Do you love doing cake deco? Sweeter edibles like cookies and mini cakes are still a success with the crowd.

Many people choose to consume homemade foods, and they also have fewer preservatives than factory-made foods.

cake decorating

Take advantage of niche markets such as holidays, weddings, novelty, hospitality, and gift bags to create a tailored offering.

Ensure to research the feasibility of selling your food item online, mainly if it contains fresh ingredients that need to be kept refrigerated.

The cake decoration business is suitable to run locally to keep it fresh to consume.

Better still, use the baking expertise to show other home bakers how to make delectable treats right in their own kitchens.

Host a class on an online educational website such as Teachable and give gift vouchers for peak seasons, including Christmas.

#4. Print on Demand

Do you not feel like doing something physically or keeping your home in inventory? For the non-maker, it’s a strong business concept.

Believe it or not, Print on Demand is a reality. Print on request allows for the production, without even needing to buy stock or own a printer, of your custom products (T-shirt, water bottle, tote bag, home appliances, etc.).

A company like Printify prepare a package according to your specification (which can be generated in Photoshop or even in Canva). They then print and ship the item on your behalf.

things to make and sell

This is really handy and gives you an overall profit margin of 20-40% for each item. 

One of the simple things to make and sell would be printed merchandise.

Having graphic design skill is an advantage in print on demand. Since competition is fierce, you’ll always need a lot of innovative design to help your projects stand out.

#5. Subscription box or Gift Basket

Another fantastic business idea you can make and sell for money is a subscription box or gift basket.

things to make and sell

In the United States, there is a continuous demand for a subscription box and gift basket for the past 12 months. The peak period for a gift basket, of course during Christmas eve.

You can customize the subscription box according to customer need, such as weight loss subscription box, spiritual subscription box, gluten-free subscription box, board game subscription box or kids clothing subscription box.

Besides that, you can choose your audience to focus on:-

  • Men subscription box
  • Women subscription box
  • Mom subscription box
  • Couples subscription box
  • Kids subscription box
things to make and sell

A subscription box and gift basket save your customer times. Those with busy life doesn’t have time to prepare a gift for the people they care. Here, your business can help them become thoughtful amidst their busy life.

There’s still space for innovation in this industry, and you don’t have to limit yourself to a subscription box for human.

As per Google, searches for pet gift baskets have increased by 13% in 2021.

Custom and handmade gift baskets are regarded as more luxurious and expensive. As a result, they demand significantly higher prices, sometimes exceeding $100.

Preparing a gift basket is a tedious task. However, preparing a subscription box is much easier.

You will pack all the items in the same size subscription box every month. Making the packaging and shipping more simple.

#6. Bath Fizz

It’s no wonder that bath fizzes are on this list, given that self-care is the latest wellness theme. Lush Cosmetics, a multibillion-dollar corporation, invented the bath bomb.

Bath bomb prices have risen by 71% since 2015. Lush successfully sold 21 million homemade bath bombs in 2017

They were able to deliver a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that was difficult to find elsewhere. The company cover from bath bars to bubbly bombs and produced colourful, widely sought-after bath items.

To stick out in this industry, you’ll need to give the conventional bath bomb a unique twist. Bath fizzes are one of the easiest items for inexperienced DIYers to produce and sell.

It’s simple to mass manufacture thousands of bath bombs a day if you have the moulds, and since they resell for $7 and up each, it’s an appealing business concept.

things to make and sell

Google Trends above showed that the bath bomb is still in demand for the past 12 months in the United States.

Therefore, it is the right time to enter the market since the demand is there.

#7. Candles

Did you know that even a 17-year-old is capable of generating almost $1 million from the sale of candles?’

For your information, the candle business is worth $3.2 billion in the United States alone. 

things to make and sell

Depending on the type of candles, the gross margin can vary from $5 to $20+ for the candle. 

Because of the abundance of DIY tutorials available on the internet, candles are one of the simplest handmade crafts to create as a beginner.

Furthermore, the simple melt and pour techniques require little or no prior craft experience.

Another thing, please ensure to use cautionary labels. Due to the higher risk of injuries of candle handling, make sure to protect your company from legal litigation that might arise as a result of it.

In addition to the appeal of this hot item, candles deliver various other advantages such as low material cost. 

Indeed, some handmade candle types need precious materials. However, candle manufacturers generally can build their products with very little cash.

Candles are a hot item when selling to direct consumers. You can sell online or offline while making it at your comfort home.

Handcrafted candles can also be made by inexperienced craftsmen. However, if you’re a DIY master or a professional newbie, you can quickly adopt the simple recipe for basic candles.

#8. Jewelry

I know a girl who once was a bookkeeper and had a gem hobby. She loved it so much that her goods became so nice. Apparently, she became a famous jeweller who able to left her full-time job.

There are infinite options to create gems, from plain wristbands to profile rings and earrings. This is one of the best things to make and sell for profit. More and more consumers resort to handcrafted products, and jewelry is no different.

things to make and sell for profit

With increasing demand, gemstone supplier offers various type of beads, wires and even crystals. This makes it easy to produce more creative jewelry.

Jewelry can be as complicated or simple as you like it.

Know what your target audience is like, whether they love something simple or complicated and most importantly, what they bought.

This will assist you in estimating the amount of time required to produce another series of jewelry.

To get your audience’s attention, taking stunning photos will help push sales, especially for online store.

#9. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are another things to make and sell online. It is famous, particularly among millennials and Gen Z generations. As a result, the demand for enamel pins is kept rising.

Enamel pins are usually made in partnership with a manufacturer, but you may be as hands-on or as hands-off as you choose in terms of style.

Create the artwork yourself or hire a freelance illustrator to help you achieve your idea.

There are a few places to hire freelance designer:-

  1. Guru
  2. 99Designs
  3. Fiverr
  4. Upwork
  5. Freelancer

Until dealing with a manufacturer, make sure to ask them the following questions: Is it possible for you to give me physical samples? What are your choices for content and clasp? How much does a minimum order cost?

#10. Soaps

Another thing to make and sell is soap. Soap has always been a successful and lucrative homemade item.

Handmade soaps can vary in price from $5 to $25+, based on the size and consistency of the bar.

handmade items in demand

The global soap market is currently valued at $34 billion, with a projected increase to $55 billion by 2027.

Check the raw material suppliers to make sure they’re beauty grade and skin-safe. Moreover, make sure your manufacturing plant (even though it’s just your kitchen) complies with municipal health regulations.

It’s always better to start with basic ingredients when it comes to creating your own soap. However, when you gain expertise in the soap-making process, you’ll find it easier to play with your formula by adjusting the oils, scents, or other additives.

Using a range of oils will give the final product-specific characteristics. For example, olive and coconut will initiate the chemical reaction that transforms these liquids into soap. Other ingredients, such as shea butter, can provide moisture.

You can make soap with neutral ingredients for customer with sensitive skin.

#11. Coffee Mugs

To start your coffee mug business, you need some capital. Having a skill in design is an advantage. However, you can always use other people skills in design to design the best mug for your business.

Another thing, don’t forget tools. A heat press, colour printer, transfer paper sublimation and thermal resilience tape are needed. Besides sublimation paper, there are other ways to produce cups, so make an appropriate choice.

Custom coffee mug can be ordered from the supplier, and you just print the design in the mug.

#12. Wedding Items and Accessories

The secret to wedding products and accessories best sold? Personalization.

There is an important theme in Etsy’s wedding segment. Customers can personalize nearly every inch of their piece, as the marriage days are important for most couples.

Quick stuff for making and selling in Etsy, marriage stuff.

Don’t neglect the pre-wedding activities too.

According to Wedding Wire, the average couple spends a minimum of $579 on their bachelorettes and bachelor parties. So, take advantage of these memorable occasions by providing additional personalization.

Some of the top Etsy products related to the wedding include:-

  • Invitations to marriage
  • Decorations for wedding
  • Gifts for wedding
  • Favors for Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

#13. Print on Demand T-shirt & Merhandise

Print on demand is also becoming increasingly popular. It is a perfect business model for those makers who is not a maker.

Having creativity in design is an added advantage in this business. Besides the t-shirt, you can design and print in the mug, tote bag and pillow.

Print on demand is close to dropshipping, except that you don’t have to keep stock or ship goods to the customer. You only need your design and printing will be catered by print and fulfilment centre.

If you are worried about a lack of talent in design, freelance networks like Fiverr, 99Design, Upwork are ready for outsourcing.

It requires a very minimal cost to set up your online store. First, you need a domain and hosting, which you can get from Hostinger. Otherwise, you open your store with Shopify.

Next, select a print on demand companies. This provider will integrate into your store and automatically print, pack, and ship directly to your customer.

5 Best Print on Demand companies

  • Printful
  • Printify
  • Teelaunch
  • Lulu Express
  • SPOD

Then, the important part is marketing. This is how you drive traffic to your online store. No traffic, no sales.

#14. Natural Cosmetics

Due to chemical and dangerous ingredients introduced to supermarket cosmetics, more customers opt for natural and fewer ingredients products.

Creating one best natural makeup product may take a while because you’ll want to develop your own brightening ideas. However, if customers love what you sell, you’ll quickly gain a fan base.

#15. Stickers

For inexperienced crafters, creating stickers could be a rewarding DIY cheap option. It’s also an excellent way to get started in the field of papercrafts.

To get going, you will need a Cricut machine, sticker paper, and a design application like Canva or Cricut Design Room.

If you look at Pinterest, you’ll notice that trends for digital and Cricut stickers are on the rise.

People worldwide keep searching for creative ways to personalize their computers, notebooks, water bottle or pencil case. Stickers are an excellent way to accomplish this.

#16. Wooden sign

For a previous couple of decades, you’ve seen them all over, but wonder what? For the time being, wooden signs are around to stay.

Every one adores them, and why shouldn’t they? A wooden sign can be made for any event or place in the building.

And all you need might be a few scrap plywood and some polish to get going.

#17. Selling Apron

Will anyone end up making meals in the kitchen? If so, design a personalized apron and sell it to all the people.

Design aprons are indeed the type of item that makes us all happy. You may sew and adorn the perfect aprons at home. Alternatively, you can use Spreadshirt’s ready-to-use templates and customize them with your own layouts.

#18. Children’s toys

From handmade toys to doll clothes and more, there’s something for kids.

Making something that kids will love and sell to the parent.

How to Sell Your Crafts Online?

A popular online platform to sell crafts online is Etsy. You can learn how to sell on Etsy and make money.

In addition, you can sell your crafts by creating a website as an online store.

To create an online store you can use WordPress or website builder like Unbounce or Getresponse Website Builder.

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