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how to open etsy shop

Do you love to make fun and unique crafts? You may have a lot of handmade craft collection, want to start selling them and other things. But how to go about it? Anythings you love to create, there is a perfect place to sell your handmade one-of-a-kind creation: the Etsy marketplace. But how to open Etsy Shop?

What is Etsy?

Etsy is the place for unique handmade crafts. Loads of people are looking for items made by hand and are not as expensive as those you would get at Wal-Mart. The one place they look for these astounding items is on Etsy.

If you do not know how to start a business on Etsy and how much it costs to sell on Etsy, this article is just the thing for you.


If you have never used Etsy’s platform before, do not fret that it is a complicated venture. Starting an Etsy store is entirely clear-cut, even for a beginner. Etsy is the best place to sell your unique creations. Just follow these easy 8 simple steps on how to open an Etsy shop and make money.


     #1.   Create an account on Etsy

how to open etsy shop

First, click the “Sell on Etsy” link and fill out the name, email, and password blanks. Once you have filled out those required fields, click the “Register” button, and now you have an account with Etsy.

If you want to create your Etsy store through Facebook or Google, click on the respective buttons, asking for your account information for those sites.

    #2.   Adjust shop preferences

how to open etsy shop

The preferences section of your store is where you select the language used to describe the items you are selling, the shop country is where your shop based, and the shop currency is the currency you use to price for your products.

    3.   Decide on names for the Etsy shop

how to open etsy shop

Etsy shop name should be as unique as the handcrafted items you are selling. Choose an Etsy shop name that is easy for your customers to remember, and it should represent your brand or products. However, Etsy has its guidelines to follow when creating the names for Etsy shop.

It should not be one that another user has used, infringe on any trademarks or profane. It should be 4 to twenty characters long with no spaces or special characters like !:, *,& and so forth. If you stuck on a name, Etsy had offer tips on what to use.

      #4.   Have your items listed


If you list any patterns, gift tags, printable stationery, or stickers, you might need to use a separate process.

Etsy can show you the fundamentals of how to list a physical item. If you have digital products you are selling, then make sure to check out the Etsy manual for guidance.

Five pictures per each item give customers a way to decide if the product you have listed is something they want to buy. A thumbnail will show up on your product, which will be the first picture shown.

It helps clients search for a specific item, much like a headshot, when you go to an audition for a part of a play.

Make sure to add details about your item. Such as, title, an overview of it, and your item category will make it easy for your customers to search.

Tags are keywords that people can type into the main search bar, so make sure to place your items under a tag.

The pricing and inventory sections are where you enter your item price.

It is including sales tax, how many of the products you have on hand, and if you have more than one variation of your products.

You can even state your cost for shipping your items here, as well. The final part of this step is to publish the item details so people can start buying your items.

      #5.   Set up payment methods

Here is where you decide how your buyers will pay you for the items. You can choose to have them pay you through PayPal, with Etsy Payments, cash or check, or “other.”

If you decide to have them pay you through Etsy Payments, you will be able to accept Etsy gift cards, debit cards, store credit, credit cards, and more. Presently, based on your location, Etsy expects you to offer Etsy Payments to your customers and set the Etsy Payments.

 #6.  Choose your billing preferences

Depending on where you live in the world, you should provide a way for Etsy to bill you for any fees you will encounter as you sell your items. However, if you live in the United States, Etsy can charge your card automatically through the auto-billing option.

    #7.   Have your Grand Opening

Once you have followed the first six steps, the seventh step is the second last step to do as your store is now open for business. The next step is even more critical.

    #8.  Make your store even better

Once you have opened your Etsy shop, it is a good idea to customize it the way you want. Your store is not a physical one made with bricks or metal but virtual instead.

Following these 8 simple steps on opening an Etsy shop will help your shop up and run smoothly.

If you wish your Etsy store to run smoothly, you need to add a few more things to the store:

            #1. Put in your picture and the reason you have chosen to open the store.

To get the most out of your selling, telling people why you get started the Etsy store in the first place, and the picture will show them from who they are buying the item.

          #2. Choose what policies you want to enforce in your store.

This part is where your buyers can ask you any questions about your items, store, payment options, and shipping. This place is also where you can decide on a return policy.

For example, the customer can exchange the item if they are not satisfied with the item they brought from you. Or if they had changed their mind about the thing and want an exchange.

Giving your customers an estimated arrival time for their item will make your customers more relaxed, so they know when to expect the thing they had bought.

           #3. Include category sections.

Much like a navigation bar, grouping your items makes it easier for customers to choose an item to buy.

These sections show up on the left part of your store’s homepage, with each item’s number in each grouping.

          #4. Arrange the items the way you want them.

Your items are not static on the page. Move them about as you see fit.

          #5. Include an “about the shop” section.

Even your store needs a background story! Here you can tell those buying your items about your chosen business. Just make sure to be sincere.

You can even tell customers about others who probably help you make your items.

         #6. Social media as a promotion tool for your Etsy store.

Social media is one of the great ways to advertise your Etsy store. Etsy offers a tool to help you post any information about your store through your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts.


Now, you already know how to open an Etsy shop, but how to sell on Etsy successfully? Making money with Esty seems like a no brainer.

You list your handmade or vintage items, sit back and wait for the money to begin rolling in.

In today’s marketplaces, even the Etsy marketplace, you need to do a bit more than that to make money.

This section will go over proven methods to sell more items at a higher price and make money selling on Etsy.


          1. Become an Etsy Community Member

One of the right ways to make money with Etsy is by joining the seller community. By joining, you can give other sellers feedback through the site’s forums and participate in events sponsored by Etsy.

The events are great ways to spread awareness about your store and to meet with other sellers and any people who might become buyers in the future.

         2. Quality Photos Help Sell

Using high-res pictures help show off your items in a professional manner. Different angles and depths help to show every detail of the items you are selling.

If the items you are selling light up or move, having a picture of the item in action helps sell the products faster. One-shot will not cut it either.

          3. Use Special Keywords

Keywords sell items. Most sales come from people who have searched for your products through Google Search, Bing, and Yahoo Search.

Having a Search Engine Optimized (SEO) store helps with this. SEOs place your store in the top five results if you use the right keywords.

Product titles and descriptions make good keywords. Updating your shop optimizes the search for you, as well.

          4.  Blog Your Way to Success

Having a blog can help you sell your items, especially if someone is selling items similar to yours. Having details about your items, the store will increase the number of times someone searches for a selling product.

In your blog, write about topics that will benefit your customers. For example, if your store sells accessories for cats, writing content related to cats.

            5.  Customer Service Is A King

People more likely to buy from you if they are satisfied with how you run your store. Give out your email address so they can contact you if necessary, and make sure to answer their questions promptly.

Nobody wants to wait weeks at a time for an answer, so be swift in answering their questions or addressing their concerns. Following up with customers about their satisfaction with your store shows how dedicated you are to excellent customer service.

            6.  Brand Promotion

Creating fun and unique items, presenting yourself as an expert, and giving exceptional service will help with branding yourself. A fun logo that represents your store will benefit as well.

            7.  Studying the Methods of Other Etsy Sellers Who Are Successful

By studying how other successful Etsy sellers are doing, you can learn new skills and tricks to become successful. You can reach out to them and ask what their secret to success is.

If they respond with advice, take it and file it away to incorporate it later. You could find your way into being as successful as them.

             8. Start a Mailing List

Using a mailing to reach customers with any campaigns will generate more sales by keeping your customers informed of any discounts and promotions you might have.

Always keep your customers informed of any changes, as well. Getresponse can help you send a broadcast email to your customers with one click.

             9. Package With Flair

When packing the products you sell, you can add a few of your business cards, a flyer for an upcoming sale, or a customer reward card to the package.

By combining these things with the package, you keep them informed, and they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

These 9 ways of making money with Etsy will help you become a better seller and keep your customers returning each time. Follow these ways, and you can make more money than you ever thought possible.

After you know how to open an Etsy shop and make money with Etsy, what sells the most on Etsy?


Below is a list of what sell the best on Etsy:-

  • Craft & Supplies
  • Handmade Items
  • Jewellery (Handmade or Vintage)
  • Wedding Items (cards, bridesmaid dresses, bachelorette/bachelor party supplies)
  • Accessories
  • Paper & Party supplies
  • Clothing (baby, woman’s wear, kid’s wear, handmade clothes, dresses, etc.)
  • Vintage Items (Jewelry, Keepsakes, Knickknacks, Avon cologne and perfume bottles, etc.)
  • Home & Living (Small appliances such as blenders, small gardening tools)
  • Art & Collectibles (Stuffed animals, old paintings, and statues)
  • Stickers (black and white, colour-your-own, scented, funny sayings)
  • Antique Charms
  • Hooks, Claws, and Beads


It does not take a lot of money to set up your shop on Etsy. Once you finish setting up your shop, there is a $0.20 charge for each item listed. The listing is valid for four months or until the item sold.


Etsy charge 5% transaction fee, a 4.5% + $0.25 processing fee when an item sold. In addition, Etsy runs ads across the web for your listing. Therefore, you will pay 15% fee if you make any sale from those ads.


Once you become familiar with Etsy, you can do a lot more with your skills. With no fee to create your store and only a few charges for selling your items, Etsy is a fantastic place for your fun and unique creations.

By reading this article, I hope you now already know how to open an Etsy shop and plan on making money with Etsy.

So go out there and start selling! Do you have any plan on what to sell now on Etsy?

If you would like to learn other ways to start your online business, these are 23 creative ways how to make money online.

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