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Do you love viewing Youtube? The fact is, Youtube is the second most visited website in the world and has 2 billion active users monthly. As Youtube popularity arises, the question is how to make money on Youtube.

There are many topics to choose to start making money on Youtube.

However, statistics showed that around 34% content uploaded by the popular channel on Youtube fall under the miscellaneous category due to unidentifiable topic.

Therefore, I believed that there is no specific content to make money on Youtube.

What you need to start with are a computer or laptop and video editing software. This article will take you through some creative ways of making money on Youtube.

Let’s get started!


If you want to start making money on Youtube because it is easy, it is not true. As of May 2019, every minute, there are 500 hours of video has been uploaded to Youtube.

This showed that the competition is high on content creation as online videos’ demand continues to grow.

To start earning money from Youtube, you need to use the right strategy.

Is it free to make a Youtube channel?

Yes, it is free to make a Youtube channel. This is not including the cost to create Youtube videos, such as equipment and video editing software.

6 Ways On How To Make Money on Youtube.


Posting affiliate links on Youtube the right way by sharing valuable content on your channel and share the link in the description.

Share your link on other people’s videos by leaving your link in the comments is not an ethical way.

People will click your link if they like your content. Therefore, share something that helps people transform their lives, improve their knowledge, or solve their problems.

This valuable content will build people’s trust and make them come back by subscribing to your channel.

Make a how-to video such as how to use a wireless microphone. Put your review, product comparison, and anything that benefits people in making a buying decision.

You will earn a commission when people buy from your link.

Amazon, Clickbank, Rakuten, Shareasale are affiliate networks that you can join to start making money on Youtube by sharing your affiliate link.


If you want to start making money on Youtube ads, you have to enable the Youtube channel for monetization. After that, connect your AdSense account with your Youtube channel to start getting paid.

You may find a lot of valuable knowledge from Youtube Creator Academy with a free online course on how to grow your channel.

Bear in mind that making money on Youtube ads is not that easy. Your videos need to reach a certain amount of views before eligible to get paid. A million viewers contribute a lot of money to your account.

To succeed in making money on Youtube ads, create entertaining, valuable, fun, and viral videos with SEO.

How many subscribers do you need on YouTube to make money?

To be eligible to monetize your Youtube channel, Youtube Partner Program required 1000 subscribers.


A blog is one of the critical channels for content marketing. Therefore, to convert those viewers to your customers, send them to your blog.

The videos on Youtube do not sell anything. Instead, make a valuable sharing so that people start to like your channel. Share something related to your blog post and link it to the blog on the video’s description.

Once the viewer clicks the link, bring them to your blog post with an opt-in form to collect their name and email.

By doing this, the viewer will become your database. You can start earning money by selling to your database.

Even you not directly make money on Youtube, you still can use this platform to bring traffics to your blog.


You have created many videos on Youtube channels, but the viewer is sucked? Do not give up and learn more about Youtube SEO.

There are many sources to learn about SEO, one of them is Youtube itself, besides Google and its free. Of course, suppose you want complete and details knowledge about SEO.

In that case, those paid resource is always better, reliable, and you can take action fast.

Spare your time to learn on SEO, and it sure will benefit you in the future. By mastering SEO, you can easily rank your videos on the first page of Youtube or Google.

Once your videos are ranking on the first page of Google, traffic will start to come to your channel, and subscribers will grow.

This will help start making money on Youtube by being Youtube Partner, paid review, or selling your products and services.


Besides making money on Youtube by ads, you can use your channel to sell your products or services. Subscribers will be more convinced if they can see how your products and services work and how they can help them.

For example, if you provide air-cond service to the locals, show people how you do the air-conditioning service. What they need to care to ensure their air-cond works well in the long run.

Basically sharing anything that will benefit people.

If you are a mother who provides SEO writing service from home, tell your audience more about your service.

Make an explanation video on the importance of SEO and how you can help rank a website on the first page.

Do you not have an idea what business to start? Here I shared online business ideas to start making money now.


For Youtube Influencer, a paid review is one of the ways to make extra money on Youtube.

You can start doing paid reviews on products or services after you reach a certain number of subscribers as advertisers will only advertise their items to those Youtubers who have many followers.

It is good to try the products or services before you do a review. Only then you can give an honest review to your subscribers.

Make a request to an advertiser to provide a sample product for you to test.

However, if you do not try the products or services, you can use the testimonies provided by the advertisers.

It is good to ensure those testimonies are accurate before you use them.

Another thing to avoid your subscribers unsubscribes your channel is by doing paid reviews on products and services related to your niche.

Do not make a mistake by taking any products that are not related to your niche just for the sake of making money on Youtube.


Did you know that you can make money on Youtube without making any videos?

Yes, you can do this by taking creative commons license videos on Youtube. Creative Commons license is public copyright and allows free distribution.

how to make money on Youtube

For example,  in the picture above, search for “KETO DIET.” Then, click on the filter and click the creative common.

You can see those videos under a creative commons license. Choose videos with higher views. For example, below, 4 Tips for Success on the Keto Diet has 388k views within 7 months ago.

how to make money on Youtube

You can create your thumbnail and use the same content with top viewers or mix the content with several creative common videos to be in one video.

Those videos with the top viewer will have the same potential of views for your video.

Use the monetization method as Youtube Partner, put the SEO in description and tags, and your videos will reach many viewers.


You can check the estimated income of popular Youtuber on Socialblade. The pay is not 100% accurate, and those Youtuber may earn a bit higher or lower from the estimation report.

Who is the richest Youtuber?

The graph below showed estimated Top Youtube Star earnings for 2018. Ryan Toys Review received the highest annual income of USD22 million.

how to make money on Youtube

If you are a mother and have kids aged between 2 – 12 years old and don’t mind exposing your children to the public, you can start a channel related to kids.

The study showed that videos featuring children are more popular compared to videos that did not feature children. There is a potential to make money on Youtube in this niche.

how to make money on Youtube

How much money you can make on Youtube is depends. You can optimize the funnel to make more money on Youtube.

Do not rely solely on Youtube ads.


To make money on Youtube alone, you may find it a bit hard if just starting. The key to success is consistency.

You have to be consistent in uploading videos to your channel. I hope by now, you know how to make Youtube a source of income.

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