Constant Contact Pricing: What Are the Fees for Each Plan?

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As you running a home-based business, you may need to collect a database and one of the way to collect a database is through email marketing. If you are searching on how much Constant Contact will charge for Email Marketing, then you are at the right place. This article will assist you in finding the right package by identifying which package is suitable for your business. Let’s jump into Constant Contact Pricing!

Constant Contact Pricing

Constant Contact Plan

There are two unique plans offers by Constant Contact:-

  1. Email Constant Contact plan (Basic plan).
  2. Email plus Constant Contact.

#1. Email Constant Contact plan (Basic plan)

This plan is for beginners (those who just started their business), little groups or freelancers who did not bother with the latest email marketing functionality. The basic Constant Contact pricing plan will cost you around $20/month.

#2. Email plus Constant Contact

This plan is for professional and large organizations. For large corporations, an Email plus plan is ideal. This plan can perform different surveys for your organization.

The Constant Contact pricing for the email plus plan will cost you around $45/month. If you choose Email plus Constant Contact, you will get free membership for the first month (No Visa or Master card required).

Moreover, it comes with a 30-days cash back policy.

Constant Contact Pricing

The Targeted Organizations

The Constant Contact pricing structure is mainly for small companies. For simple customers, the packages only contain regular email marketing function.

Thus, as time goes by, Constant Contact started to add new features to the platform, allowing more complex marketing. As a result, it had to redesign its pricing strategy to offer alternatives for big businesses. Consequently, Constant Contact has developed into email marketing with price policies that relate to newcomers, small companies, experienced consumers, and big corporations.

Some of the famous corporations that use Constant Contact are:-

  • Lady Black Tie
  • La Provence
  • Luke Adams Glass Blowing
  • The Whole Scoop Blog
  • A & J King Bakery
  • Artists for Humanity
  • Blue Bunny Books & Toy

Constant Contact Plans Details

Email Plan

The Email plan is for up to 3 users. It allows unlimited email sends every month. The Constant Contact Email plan is suitable to capture and grow your email list by customizing the template.

0-500 followers$20 Monthly
501-2,500 followers$45 Monthly
2,501-5,000 followers$65 Monthly
5,001-10,000 followers$95 Monthly
10,001-15,000 followers$195 Monthly
15,001-25,000 followers$225 Monthly
25,001-30,000 followers$295 Monthly
30,001-35,000 followers$315 Monthly
35,001-50,000 followers$335 Monthly
50,001+ followersConnect with Constant Contact for a custom statement

Email Plus

The Email Plus is for up to 20 users. This plan is suitable if you are looking for complete email automation, such as automated email based on how your subscribers engage with your email.

Furthermore, you can send personalized content based on their job, city, state, gender, or custom field you have created under Constant Contact Email Plus. By doing that, your content is more targeted and easy to convert the sale. It also allows you to create a survey, and you can share the link survey across the marketing channel.

0-500 followers$45 Monthly
501-2,500 followers$70 Monthly
2,501-5,000 followers$90 Monthly
5,001-10,000 followers$125 Monthly
10,001-15,000 followers$195 Monthly
15,001-25,000 followers$225Monthly
25,001-30,000 followers$295 Monthly
30,001-35,000 followers$315 Monthly
35,001-50,000 followers$335 Monthly
50,001+ followersConnect with Constant Contact for a custom statement

Constant Contact Plans Comparison

EmailEmail Plus
Starting from $20 monthlyStarting from $45 monthly
The cost is measured by how many interactions there areThe cost is calculated based on the number of experiences
You’ll be able to send unlimited emails and have much more storage spaceGet more efficient tools that help to grow your organization
Up to 3 usersUp to 10 users
Don’t perform surveysPerform surveys
Available space 1 GigabyteAvailable space 2 Gigabyte
Don’t do pollsPerforms poll
Don’t have any discount voucherDiscount vouchers are available

Available Discount for Prepay

  • Pay in advance for 6 months, and you will get a discount of 10%.
  • Pay in advance for 12 months, and you will get a discount of 15%.
  • Non-profits and companies can pay in advance and also save up to 30%.

Constant Contact Conclusion

The Email plan is a decent idea if you just want a basic email marketing package. Suppose automation is a big part of your email marketing campaign. In that case, you’ll want to look at the Constant Contact Email Plus plan right away.

The most valuable enhancements of the Email Plus plan are the automation, and it allows up to 10 accounts. This strategy is for larger businesses that require more specialized Constant Contact functionality. However, there are better apps that excel at classification and email automation.


How much does it cost for Constant Contact?

There are the 2 payment options which provided very frequently.

The email package starts from $25 monthly, and email plus starts from $45 monthly. The number of emails addresses in an account determines the price. Coupons are eligible when you contract for a year in advance (15% off).

Is there a free version of Constant Contact?

Constant Contact doesn’t really have a free version. However, it offers the FIRST month for FREE.

Does Constant Contact have a CRM?

Constant Contact offers a comprehensive range of interaction communications strategies targeted to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Constant Contact and Pipeliner CRM work together to provide automated email marketing and CRM coordination.

Can you cancel Constant Contact?

Yes, you have the option to call off your registration at any time. Constant Contact keeps the information for up to 120 days after you delete your account. So .you can easily cancel your membership.

How many contacts can I have in Constant Contact?

A single account can store a maximum of thousand contact lists. There’s really no way to this constraint. If you’re making lists for each candidate message, you can remove any list you don’t really need. If you’d like more than 1000 lists, you will need to build and maintain them with a separate account.

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